02H | From Zero to Hero

Documentary series about bulgarian people who…

Drawing Blank

The ARTIST must face her inner demons before she can start her painting.


A woman is imprisoned in a small cell for many years.


Shears tells the story of four stars of Bulgarian hairdressing who developed their art during the Communist era in the country.


Eliza Bonev’s showreel video.

The Mask

A short documentary which tells the story of one the biggest Bulgarian traditions – Surva.

The carpets's soul

A short documentary showing symbolism in the creation of the traditional, Bulgarian carpet.

The gift of the Magi

“The Gift Of The Magi” is a short film based on the eponymous story by O. Henry.

Good Night, Lily

Coming soon…

The Outpost | EPK

The Outpost EPK


Desperate to get their hands on a valuable item…

Bio Hazard

Dr. Alan Noble is a lab scientist locked in a freezer…

Balkan Barber

Stories about Balkan Barber’s friends.

Rose Petals

Victor plans to propose to Yoana one early morning but…