YEAR 2020

Writer: Luciano IvanovAlexandros Yiasemi
Director: Luciano Ivanov
Sound Design & Re-recording mix: Hristo Dobrev
Producer: Luciano Ivanov, Alexandros Yiasemi


Rome International Movie Awards 2020
– Winner Best Sound Design
Hollywood Gold Awards Festival June 2020

– Winner Best Sound Design
Dumbo Film Fest 2020
– Nominee – Best Short Narrative
IndieX Film Festival 2020 (May / June)
– Nominee – Best Horror
– Nominee – Best Sound Design
Hollywood Blood Horror Festival (2020 March)
Winner Best Acting Duo
New York Movie Awards (2020 February)
– Winner – Best Horror
– Nominee – Honorable Mention Sound Design

Desperate to get their hands on a valuable item, Kurt (Luciano Ivanov) and his friend Marvin (Alexandros Yiasemi) decide to break into the abandoned house of Kurt’s uncle. Their long search for this valuable item is going well, up until the moment that they finally find it. Things take a turn for the worst, leaving them in a volatile situation.