Hristo Dobrev was born on February 1st, 1988 in Bulgaria. He founded Dobreff Sounds back in 2016 when he began composing music for commercials, music videos, short films, documentary and feature projects. He began his professional journey in his hometown of Novi Pazar, where he studied piano lessons when he was just 6 years old. His journey took him to Shumen, where he graduated from Music school, with a specialization in Musical arts. He went to live in Sofia, Bulgaria where he resides and works currently. His main focus became sound engineering, although he continued his development in the piano arts and worked with various artists across Europe and Asia (Scandinavia, Turkey, South Korea & UK). He started working for a major Bulgarian TV channel, but his big breakthrough came when he was offered the position of a sound designer for one of the biggest film studios in Europe – Nu Boyana. There he worked on major titles and commercials, as a sound designer, editor and mainly as a composer. He was influenced by some of the biggest names in the film music world like Hans Zimmer, John Powell, Brian Tyler and Thomas Bergensen. He strives towards including Bulgarian classical folklore to his scores, as he believes this type of music to be widely unknown to the world, but expects it to be extremely interesting to the wide audience.