YEAR 2018

Writer: Ralitsa Golemanova
Director: Nikolay Stefanov
Producers: [‘nouhaou],  Smarty Pants Shooter, L’Oréal

Shears tells the story of four stars of Bulgarian hairdressing who developed their art during the Communist era in the country. They are the working group K.E.N.T., or Krustyu Kapanov, Evgeni Petroff, Nedialko Nedialkov and Todor Toshev. Resolved to create art, they have to go beyond borders and restrictions to realize their dreams.

Going through both difficulties and successes, the four artists manage to revolutionize and then preserve the hairdressing art for new generations of Bulgarian coiffeurs. During their own professional journey, they make a name for the country through their participation in international competitions and festivals over the decades. They continue to invest their energy in their art today.

The documentary is weaved from present-day interviews with the characters and selected archive footage from the 1960s to 1980s. The four characters share their experiences – personal and professional – from living under a restrictive political regime that affects every aspect of existence. Their narratives are down to earth and full of humor, yet the difficult reality of the times transpires through them.

While being a tribute to the hairdressing art in Bulgaria, Shears also offers an insight into the effects of the Communist reality in the country on the everyday life, careers and dreams of people.